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M.S. Estate Royal Indian is a 100% Arabica from the hills of southern India, with notes of milk chocolate and pecans. Its mild acidity and silky mouthfeel create a wonderful sipping experience. It’s coffee fit for a king!

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M.S. Estate Royal Indian is a 100% Arabica from the hills of southern India, with notes of milk chocolate and pecans. Its mild acidity and silky mouth-feel create a wonderful sipping experience. It’s coffee fit for a king!

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2 reviews for M.S. Estate Royal Indian – Single Bag

  1. Cigar Dan
    5 out of 5

    This sample of Indian Arabica from Monsoon Coffee Company arrived in the mail a couple of days ago and since Monsooned Malbar is one of my favorites, I am pretty excited to give this roast a try.

    Once the bag was opened there was an immediate aroma of nuts and cocoa radiating from within. After grinding the medium roast beans, the nutty cocoa aroma was still present but there were added hints of spice.

    For this review I used the pour-over brewing method and just to hone my skills, I did a cupping. Normally I don’t do much cupping. Why? because I’m a coffee sipper, not a coffee roaster and I want pass on to you how a coffee sips.

    Doing the pour-over, the wet coffee gave of pleasant notes of sweet, warm bread with that same hint of spice found earlier. From the cup, the first sips had notes of sweet nuts and cocoa. As the coffee cooled, the notes of cocoa became more pronounced, the natural sugars develop and notes of earth appear.

    Doing the cupping, the wet coffee had the same notes of warm bread, nuts and spice, but it all changed once the crust was broken. After the break, spice became the prominent aroma, with subtle notes of coco and nuts underneath. Sipping from the spoon is where the real difference appears, while the cocoa is still present, the nutty flavor changes to pecans, plus there is a pleasant lingering nutty pecan aftertaste.

    Hot, this Indian Arabica coffee, is sweet, slightly brisk, yet well balanced with zero tartness or bitterness plus there’s a clean, refreshing palate wash. As the coffee cools, a buttery smooth syrupiness develops, the sweetness increases and the flavors deepen.

    I found this Indian Arabica from Monsoon Coffee & Tea Company to produce a clean cup with no defects and an overall complex and rewarding sipping experience. Give these beans a try, you won’t go wrong!

    Rated 93

    – CigarDan
    Twitter: @DanGumm

  2. Coffee Ken
    5 out of 5

    Monsoon Malabar: the name alone conjures up an exotic land of spices and, best of all, coffee. Any seasoned coffee drinker will hold a fondness for Malabar, as it is one of the few coffees out there with such an old and loyal following.

    Monsoon Malabar made its appearance in the 18th century. Brought from European spice merchants, the coffee was picked and stored out in the open on the decks of sailing ships, taking over six months to reach its port in Europe. As a result, the green coffee beans literally soaked up the flavors of the spices that were being stored on the ships, infusing them with the uniqueness of the spices. Additionally, exposing the coffee beans on the open decks provided a different aging process, giving the Monsoon Malabar its unique flavor.

    Though this coffee is not actually Monsooned, you will still find and taste all this richness in this coffee from Monsoon Coffee Company. The coffee beans are grown and picked in the Karnataka region of India, giving you the of taste milk chocolate, pecans and a hint of nutmeg, with a very smooth silky body and an amazing clean finish.

    The heady aroma will fill your kitchen and tantalize your senses with a promise of things to come and, it delivers on that promise. The mild acidity makes this coffee worth keeping in your cup. It does not get sour as it cools down, but the milk chocolate flavor becomes more pronounced, especially with cream or milk, making this coffee a wonderful treat at any time of day. Breakfast, break time, or a late afternoon pick me up, hot or iced this coffee delivers on its taste.

    As for me, personally what I like about Monsoon Coffee Company’s coffee, is the subtlety of the flavors, I find myself savoring every sip, discovering something unique with each one. I also serve it to my friends and who are not avid coffee drinkers, and they love it. Even they can smell and taste the milk chocolate and pecans, and they are surprised at how smooth the coffee is.

    Monsoon Coffee Company also has a subscription service so you can have this truly unique and wonderful coffee delivered to your doorstep on a weekly or monthly basis. You will not find this gem at any corner grocery store or coffee shop. So, save yourself the hassle, and order directly from Monsoon Coffee Company, and have this truly outstanding coffee on your shelf.

    – Coffee Ken

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